Solar Panels

A little ray of sunshine

Solar Panels

Mooney Mooney recently underwent an impressive green makeover with the installation of a 48Kw solar energy system in November 2012.

The solar system covers most of the roof surface with a total of 193 solar Photo Voltaic (PV) panels. A PV system harnesses the power from the sun to help generate energy with no greenhouse gas emissions and creates a sustainable energy source, which can be utilized to power the business.

It is estimated that the system will output an average of 438KWh/day which represents a drastic reduction in energy consumption. This will result in approximately $300,000 of savings over the next 10 years, but more importantly reduce the annual carbon output in the region by an astounding 68 tons!

The Revesby Workers’ Group is committed to reducing its energy consumption by moving to clean energy sources. The Mooney Mooney solar project is just one of many sustainability initiatives currently underway across our Clubs.